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Installing CDNC

Follow the instructions on this page to download and install CDNC and the peak systems drivers on Windows XP or Windows 2000.  After completing the install, proceed with the Getting Started page for an introduction to using CDNC.

Download and Install

1. Download the file to somewhere on your system.

2. Unzip the file to the same location (this unpacks the installer executable).

3. Scan the file for Viruses (Always do this with any downloads to be safe!).

4. Run the installer executable. It unpacks and runs a standard Windows®-based Installer which will install the CDNC application.  During the install there are a number of screens the first of which will be the release notes for this version.  The full history is here but scan the notes for this latest release for the latest news.

Choosing to use default answers is the right thing to do unless you must do otherwise.

What’s been installed?

· A shortcut icon was left on your Desktop.

· Menu entries were added to your [Start] button.

· The program files were installed under C:\Program Files\... If you let the installer choose the location.

· The program is enabled for un-install under
[Start]->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs...

If you are using CAN232 your installation is complete

If, however, you are using the PCAN USB to CAN adapter then you need the driver installed...

Don’t have the PCAN Driver installed?

This software supports the use of the Peak-System Technik PCAN USB  PC USB to CAN interface.  If you don’t have this equipment or the Lawicel CAN232 you won’t be able to interact with the CAN bus.  However, you still can view captured traces offline.

If you don’t have the PCAN drivers installed, download them from here:  English Language Version Download  or German Language Version Download.

Unzip the file just downloaded and unzip it to a temporary folder.  After you’ve virus checked it (sense a theme here?) then run the driver installer Pcan_usb.exe to install the needed drivers.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the CDNC installation.

Continue now from the Getting Started page to begin your first use of CDNC.

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