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CAN-Do! NET Controller

A Ready to use AMSAT-CAN Multiple Module Controller

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Absolutely!† This is our tool to make Module development and integration more simple. Send me email describing what youíd like to see and Iíll let you known when and how it will be added.† This is volunteer time, so it may take some time but I really enjoy this kind of feedback and interaction.

In short, thatís what Iím doing today so that I have a test platform for some of the new Modules.

However, in the longer term Iíd like to see a companion User I/F Layout tool which generates an XML file description of the User I/F which CDNC then reads to generate Module Specific User Interfaces.† Have time to help and know C#?† Iím looking for a team member! -Stephen

Some of the capability is there but itís buggyÖ Iím working on this as whenever I get time.. Hopefully Iíll get enough time to finish this featureÖ† ďItís not as easy as it looks!Ē† ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does!

We also have the UHU application, by John Conner, NJ0C, which works well with the CAN232.

Does CDNC Support the Serial CAN Adapter: Lawicel CAN232?

When will the O-Scope and Logic Analyzer display features be ready?

Can custom User Interfaces to Modules be added to CDNC?

I like what youíve done!† Can I ask for changes or new features?

Send what youíd like to see here to me by email and Iíll respond with an update to this site!† And thanks in advance for taking the time to email...

Did I miss an obvious question? Or like to see more questions answered here?

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