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CAN-Do! NET Controller

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CAN-Do! Net Controller (CDNC) is a Windows® -based Application written in C# which provides full control over any number of Widget-controlled Modules on the CAN bus while running at full satellite speeds.

Alternatively CDNC can be used to monitor and log traffic on a CAN Bus where it is not the controller and it may also be used as an off-line viewer of traffic which had been earlier captured by CDNC and saved to a file. 

Whether looking at traffic from a saved session or traffic just captured live, the full multi-perspective viewing capability of CDNC is always available.

CDNC is built to use either the Peak Systems PCAN USB — PC to CAN interface and its associated PCAN driver for Windows® or the Lawicel CAN232 device.


CDNC runs on Windows XP and Windows 2000.


CDNC is distributed as a zipped self-extracting Windows®-based Installer application.




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        CDNC Introduction (.PDF)




The CAN-Do! Project Website:




The piCan USB-to-CAN controller Website:










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Information at this site will help you download CDNC, install it and then guide you through an introduction to CDNC so you may start using it immediately.

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